Law Students!

Chancery Advocates takes pride in its reputation as a welcoming and friendly work environment. Although our interns can expect a demanding workload and intellectual challenges during their time with us, we foster a supportive atmosphere that combines regular feedback and early exposure to courtroom experience. This approach provides our interns with the best possible foundation for a successful career at the Bar.

During the intern term at Chancery Advocates, you will work under the guidance of your Supervisor. They are approachable and friendly, aiming to provide interns with a comprehensive understanding of Chambers' key practice areas. The term will involve training from your supervisor in the fields of civil, corporate, and commercial law. You will accompany your supervisor to client conferences, and your written work will be reviewed to offer constructive feedback.

While continuing to work with your Supervisor, you will also have the opportunity to prepare yourself for your future endeavours.

Who is suitable

We are actively seeking to recruit talented individuals who possess independent thinking, thrive in challenging environments, demonstrate initiative, and have a desire to learn and contribute to our team.  Internships at our Chambers is open to LLB graduates or students attending law school.

At Chancery Advocates, we highly value diversity and encourage original thought. While we typically expect candidates to be on course to receive a minimum of a second class honors degree, this is not a requirement for joining our Chambers. When selecting candidates for internships and potential tenancy, we employ the following criteria:

  1. Academic excellence and intellectual aptitude
  2. Strong analytical skills, including the ability to rapidly grasp complex information and identify key elements
  3. Practical and pragmatic judgment, coupled with common sense
  4. Proficient written communication skills, capable of producing clear, precise, and accurate work, as well as persuasive arguments in writing
  5. Effective advocacy, public speaking, and oral presentation skills, including the ability to articulate arguments clearly, persuasively, and confidently
  6. Resilience and independence, demonstrating the ability to work autonomously, seek guidance when necessary, and remain composed and in control under pressure
  7. Motivation and a strong work ethic, showing dedication, conscientiousness, and a genuine understanding of a career at the Bar within Chambers
  8. Impactful interpersonal skills, including articulacy, confidence, perceptiveness, and the ability to build positive working relationships with judges, clients, colleagues, and clerks
  9. Unwavering integrity and adherence to high ethical and professional standards

Applications are accepted for internship at any time.

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